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Properties in the Costa Brava, Barcelona, are ones of the most preferred in Spain since Costa Brava is among the top Spanish destinations.

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How to buy property in Barcelona, Costa Brava

Spanish real estate agency RealestateBCN specializes in luxury property sales in Spain.

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Bars and Restaurants, Discos, Refills, Buildings, Hotels, All that you can wish for.

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We sell homes in Barcelona and outside Barcelona on the Costa Brava.

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We have a good selection of villas on the Mediterranean Sea, over looking the sea.

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Buy Apartments

Any type of apartments, duplex penthouse in the center of Barcelona and on the Costa Brava.

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Sell ​​Luxury Real Estate on the Costa Brava and Barcelona

All you have to do is write us a letter indicating what type of real estate in Barcelona or the Costa Brava you are looking for and we will help you find the right property.

Real Estate in Barcelona

We offer quality service

Get in touch to find out more about our Barcelona property search service.

RealEstateBCN.EU You can see this property on our website, or order a search of your choice. We sell apartments, offices, clubs, houses, hotels, villas, shops, restaurants on the Costa Brava and Barcelona. If you need a long-term lease of real estate, we will help you with registration, transfer.

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How does the PROPERTY SEARCH service work?

Get in touch with us to learn how simple your property purchase in Barcelona will be.

Real Estate in Barcelona
First tell us what kind of property you are looking for: the exact type, price range, size, location, number of bedrooms/baths, preferred floor , any special features etc.
Assuming you were not able to choose any apartment listed on this page, and once we have a clear idea of what you are looking for, we will begin our active search. We will send you information on the available properties in the market that fit your criteria. If you are satisfied with what we present to you, we will sign the service agreement and will set a date to meet in Barcelona for property tours.
We will require about two to three weeks to conduct an intensive search for your home. This will include visiting of a wide range of properties by us. At the same time we will continue sending you information on some of the most interesting homes that we find to make sure that we applied the right search criteria. We will finalize by selecting 10 to 13 properties listed for sale in Barcelona that we consider to be the best value in the market.
We will meet in Barcelona on the day of property touring. A typical touring will last one business day, although in some cases a second day will be required to complete the visits. By the end of the day you would see the best properties available on the market and you will be your own judge to make the best choice.
Our efficient service filters out the unnecessary noise using our intimate knowledge of the Barcelona real estate market. Once you set up your criteria we know exactly what and where to look as we have fast access to the huge number of properties listed for sale. Your transaction with us is Risk Free – you will receive all the protection and assessment that you need to make a safe and optimized real estate investment. In addition you are guaranteed big savings – we are experts in price negotiations. Turn-Key Service means that all is taken care of by us, from NIE application all the way to property management.

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Telephone information daily: 8-00 to 13-30

+(34) 645-630-399

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